Our History

The Global Ecovillage Network is a worldwide network supporting the ecovillage and intentional community movement. It includes both traditional villages in developing countries that wish to retain their lifestyles with green technologies and newer intentional and sustainable communities and villages developed in western countries. GEN also embraces movements such as transition towns, co-houses and the permaculture movement which have similar philosophies and motivations as GEN.

GEN internationally not only networks communities from around the world but also is an advocate in international government policy for sustainable futures and has a relationship with the UN as an advisory body.

GEN also has an educational arm, Gaia Education, which teaches the principals of ecovillage design education (EDE) based on the four dimensions in over 30 countries around the world

GEN in Australia

GEN in Australia has had a very small profile even though three founders of GEN live in this country (Max Lindegger, John Talbot and Helena Norberg). Currently Australia has many small networks connecting communities throughout Australia with GEN Australia being one of them among groups such as Co-housing Australia and Intentional Communities Australia. GEN Australia is part of the Global Ecovillage Network Oceania Asia (GENOA) region. https://ecovillage.org/region/genoa/ 

We are currently a group of

GEN Mapping

GEN has a worldwide map of communities and ecovillages that are listed. View and join the map here

GEN Australia’s Leadership Circle

There is a need and potential for GEN here in Australia to both network existing intentional communities and promote intentional communities in the wider Australian context. In 2011 GEN International ambassadors Shane Sylvanspring and Andrew Oliver (Narara Ecovillage) formed a core group that was later joined by Sue Gilbey (Urban Ecology)   now make up the current Leadership Circle of GEN Australia. Others such as Claire  from Eco Villages Australia QLD and Rafeale from Narara have joined the team.

There are now more members each month that take part in the steering committee meetings online.

GEN Australia is supported by John Talbott, a GEN Founder and active member of communities around the world

Community and Individual Membership

GEN Australia is still forming and so the benefits of membership are emerging. Communities will be contacted if they wish to be affiliated and individual membership is open. You can find more info HERE.

GEN International Ambassadors

Click here to read more about representing GEN International. For Australia, all nominations have to be endorsed.