Global Ecovillage Network

GEN Ambassadors

IBC Ecovillage Brazil – Ecovilages have much to offer – maybe we need to encourage universities to visit our Ecovillages in Australia? A wonderful letter from GEN Ambassador Dr Rebecca Royson from IBC Ecovillage in Brazil.  To read Rebecca’s inspiring report – Click HERE

Narara Ecovillage – Central Coast, NSW. 1.20 minutes by train from Sydney on Central Coast Highway

Christie Walk – living in a eco-suburb in the city

Bruns Ecovillage – an exciting new development in North NSW offering affordable housing

Tasman Ecovillage

Findhorn Ecovillage – a world famous must see community

Damanhur Ecovillage – another world famous must see community – tours for Australians can be organised through GEN Australia

Good Hoods – This link is to a corporate website on building community.  GEN Australia supports the idea of corporate businesses looking for shared value so long as this condition is met – “that the corporate is not using this as a smokescreen while it creates waste, encourages or supports unsustainable practices or doing harm in the pursuit of profit.”